Health Benefits of Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Health Benefits of Vitamin and Mineral Supplements-

Vitamin and mineral supplements are organic substances that help the human body to do a wide range of functions. We may or may not be aware of what vitamins and minerals are found in the food we eat, but we do get a lot of vitamins and minerals just by eating food.

Of course, not all foods contain the same types or amounts of minerals and vitamins, and even some fast foods are empty of vitamins and minerals at all. And this is the reason why some people lack minerals and vitamins and start to consume vitamin and mineral supplements.

Special Conditions

Vitamins and minerals are important for everyone. However, there are some special conditions that make vitamins and minerals more important. Such conditions may include but are not limited to: Pregnancy and breastfeeding, chronic diseases and old age, following a restricted diet and eating disorders…etc.

In such cases, vitamin and mineral supplements might be beneficial to certain people who might lack some of the essential minerals and vitamins in their diet. Also, having a multivitamin a day in case that we lack certain micronutrient might be helpful.

So yes, consuming vitamin and mineral supplements might be helpful to many people. However, this should not be a long-term habit. The default is that we get our essential minerals and vitamins through eating a healthy diet not through a synthetic pill. Also, Scientists have proven that getting micronutrients from fresh raw food is healthier than getting it from a pill.

Moreover, mineral and vitamin supplements are sometimes a waste of time and money. Advertisers promote their products often without a support from a medical research, which make their claims of how their supplement would make you a superhero might be lies. Not just that, supplements without medical prescription can also be harmful to your health.

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Importance of Nutrition in terms of Health and Wellness

Importance of Nutrition in terms of Health and Wellness-

Food to us is like fuel to a car, it is the substance we consume to get essential nutrients that help us to maintain life and stimulate growth. And just like a car, any fuel might keep it working, but only quality fuel will make it work efficiently.As a matter of fact, diet has underestimated impact on our mental and physical health.

Food choices are often made unconsciously and can lead to serious health conditions if made improperly. Statistics show that more than half of the leading causes of death is somehow related to poor nutrition or physical inactivity. Statistics show also that people who die of poor nutrition related diseases are equal to people who die of smoking tobacco and 20 times more than drug abuse!

Poor nutrition

Poor nutrition does not necessarily mean too little food, as too much food can impair health just as well. We all think that the diet that has proper calories is necessarily healthy and hence thin people are healthy too. Although Obesity is indeed a serious medical condition that worth concern, but in contrast to what people may think, not all thin people are healthy. Aside from being overweight and the diseases associated with obesity, eating unhealthy food can lead to serious medical conditions that have nothing to do with obesity.

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Importance of regular Physical Activity

Importance of regular Physical Activity-

Our ancestors were healthier because their lives included strenuous exercise on a daily basis by default. They had to put a huge effort to do everyday-activities that we do now without moving up a chair. But in our modern lives, most of us have mental jobs, and even the few who have a manual work are not active enough.

We drive to, like, everywhere, even to the grocery 2 blocks away! Most people hardly do any physical activity; some think that physical activity is only essential for professional athletes, others may know the importance of doing physical activity but they just ignore it. However, physical activity is a pleasure and a treatment that significantly gives life a boost.

Obviously, the most common reason why people practice sports is getting into shape. Indeed, Physical activity in general burns calories and regulates appetite and hence helps in losing weight, or maintaining a healthy weight while eating more. However, this is not the whole case.

Lazy Lifestyle And Physical Inactivity

Prolonged inactivity assuming that it haven’t lead to weight gain, still have numerous negative impacts on our health. The human body was not created for such lazy lifestyle. Just like anything in life, if it is not constantly used, it crashes.

Physical inactivity on a regular basis decreases serious possible health risks such as heart diseases, strokes, hypertension, back pain and osteoporosis. These diseases can be prevented or at least fought back by exercising regularly as exercising strengths the heart muscle, increases flexibility and bone density. Physical exercising also enhances lung capacity, respiration, blood flow and joints elasticity.


Physical exercising has also a great impact on mood, feelings and behavior. Scientific researches has proven that exercising, especially intense workouts, stimulates the release of chemicals known as Endorphins. Endorphins work as painkillers, mood elevators and stress relievers. The body releases Endorphins producing the so-called euphoric effect, at sexual intercourse, specifically orgasm and at severe injuries to help tolerating the pain. It is like magic how an intense sprint would make you on the top of the world even if you were originally stressed. This is the reason why psychiatrists include exercising regimens in depression treatment.

Exercising in general increases the quality of life and maximizes the length of life to the most. It improves sleeping and energy levels, muscle tone and overall health. As a matter of fact, exercising is crucial to everyone who desires to live a happy, long and healthy life.

Growing healthy food at home

Growing healthy food at homeToday in this era every industry is trying their level best to be in front of their competitors. But at some point they all are somewhat same. So now industries are trying genetic engineering (GE) so as to achieve what normal crops or cultivation can not provide. These Genetically modified crops will posses some extra ordinary qualities like, longer life, amazing colors and flavors along with resistance to diseases.

Statistics tell that today 70% of the total population in world consumes Genetically Modified Organisms.
So, it is better to grow your own healthy vegetables in your backyard. Backyard gardening is of great help for those you love nature and who would like to have a variety of healthy choices on their plate.

There are many benefits of growing food at home.

This Backyard Gardening will help you in eating more fresh vegetable and fruits.

You will be solely responsible for your own growing. There will be no interference of any industry to put their pesticides, fertilizers or try any kind of Genetic Engineering.

By these practices you will surely get vegetables and fruits with higher nutrient content.

If you are thinking that how to grow vegetables, what environment you have to create, then do not worry. This is not some rocket science. You can easily learn backyard gardening or you can grow indoors. To grow plants at home you should get best grow lights to create good and healthy environment for your plants.  You can learn it eventually and after that you can spread this awareness among others also.

Some important steps to help you in keeping your first foot on the right ground.

Always start small and make proper planning before starting. If you start small then you can easily judge your capabilities and how much can you yield from the input.

Always pick a particular spot or area where the light comes for at least 6-7 hours a day and where there is plenty of water.

Always select a spot and make an artificial area where the soil is not contaminated. If your soil is contaminated and the it will directly affect your vegetables and fruits. You can use some mild pesticides and fertilizers to increase the nutrient content and grow healthy food.

If you are still confused about all this then you can directly ask some important tips from farmers or some gardening experts in your area.

If you don’t have an option of growing food in your backyard or home, then you can try community gardening.

You will be really amazed to see the fun and health benefits involved in growing food at home. Just be patient with your crops, they will surely yield according to the efforts you have put in.

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Combat Sports Make for Interesting Exercise

Combat Sports Make for Interesting Exercise-Though it’s the excuse lots of people give for not exercising regularly, how hard is it really to find two hours, each on a different day, every week? No, the real thing stopping people from exercising is just how boring exercise can be.

Lifting weights is a yawn fest and going to gyms to do the same boring exercises doesn’t really do anything to make them more exciting or fun – it just opens you up to the scrutiny of people who are far more fit.

If the problem is a lack of fun exercise, then the solution is finding a new workout that’s more fun. What could be more fun than sparring?

Combat is something which thrills some people while scaring others, so this isn’t necessarily for everyone. If you’re not looking to get hurt or you’re worried about causing significant harm to another person, you’re in luck – there are tools which stand in for actual people so you can practice your kicks, punches and other moves without being a brute or getting a bruise. If you go to then you’ll see plenty of grappling dummies with reviews to go along with them. With something like this, exercise need not be boring.

Naturally, you could practice the same moves while working with a punching or kickboxing bag and still get similar results. However, those big, cylindrical bags don’t really give you the feel of striking another person, nor do they make good practice for striking specific places on the human body. Unlike lifting weights, running or climbing stairs just for the sake of doing these things, sparring with a dummy (or even another person) teaches you valuable skills that could literally save your life if you wind up in a bad situation. That’s the main reason this type of exercise is more fun than the traditional, boring stuff.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking a workout with a GRAPPLING DUMMY will somehow be less rewarding than the same workout with another live person, either. For starters, you kind of have to pull your punches and kicks when sparring with another person, unless you’re literally trying to hurt them. That’s fine for practice and all, but it doesn’t teach you anything about landing blows, or how a body kind of pushes back into your wrist with some of the force behind a punch when you hit it. If you’re just blowing off steam, it’s no big deal. If you want to learn to fight better, this is serious though.

Because many combat sports focus on building the fighter’s endurance as well, you can bet you’ll be doing more than just building muscle with a related workout regimen too. This makes working out with a grappling dummy one of the best kinds of exercise you can do. It’s fun and exciting, it helps to build muscle, it gets your blood moving and burns fat and on top of all that, it teaches you how to land blows properly so you can hit a specific target area.

Paleo Diet (Caveman Diet)

Paleo Diet-

A Paleo Diet, known as Caveman Diet or Stone Age Diet or Hunter-Gather Diet, is a modern meal plan based on some healthy foods, which are to protect you from some definite diseases. This plan suggests what to eat and what to refrain from eating. As a nutritious food plan, it helps people to keep a healthy life and to lose heavy weight.


The paleo diet system began many years ago. It is assumed that this system was introduced in Africa. People would have eaten grains and other things at the time of agricultural revolution. Thattime people enjoyed a healthy life, but after few years people startedchanging their eating habits; they startedeating processed food. As a result, they suffered from many diseases like heavy weight, damage gut lining, and hurt immune system etc. To get rid of these types of disease the Paleo Diet System is discovered for welfare of human wealth. The diet includes Vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, herbs, fowl, nuts and seeds, oils, eggs, fish, salt, meat, chicken, bison, duck, olive oiland so on. These foods provide vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients. It controls spike blood sugar and boost metabolism. If you keep this diet plan, you can be able to lose weight up to 75 pounds in 6 months.


The Paleo Diet plan is to keep youaway from some foods like Soft drinks, dairy product, sugar, vegetables oil, legumes, grains, processed food,and pluses etc. These foods aren’t good for health, if you have these excessively.

  • Fruits juice: Fruit juice contains high sugar.That’s why it should be avoided. It includes grape juice, orange juice, mango juice, apple juice like others.
  • Soft drinks:  Soft drinks include high sugar and high fructose,which can harm your health; sprite, coke, Pepsiand some others are known as soft drink.
  • Dairy: It includes cheese, skim milk, cream cheese, powdered milk, ice milk, ice cream etc.
  • Grains: Some grains like toast, bread, cream of wheat, English muffin, cream of wheat, and sandwich are avoided in the paleo diet plan.
  • Snacks: Snacks need to be avoided because it includes sun chips, cookies, chips, wheat thin etc.
  • Sweets:  Milky Way, mounds, nestle crunch, butterfingers, Reese’s fast break.
  • Salty food: It includes   Ketchup, French Fries etc.
  • Alcohol:  Wine, rum, beer, whisky, and vodka should be avoided.
  • Fatty Meats: Any Fatty Meats aren’t allowed.
  • Starchy Vegetables: You should avoid eating Starchy Vegetablesbecause theycontain high starch elements. These are sweet potatoes, acorn squash etc.

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7 Diet Tips You’ll Learn From Pro Swimmers

7 Diet Tips You will Learn From Pro SwimmersAs in any other sport, for you to be a champion athlete, you need to look beyond training and practice! You have to be a well-rounded athlete who is physically ready for the sport – and that includes nutrition.

Sadly, one facet of sports training that often gets neglected is nutrition. One thing that athletes must always remember: What you feed your body is vital to your performance. Here I’ll share with you some sports diet and nutrition tips that have helped some of the best swimmers. You’ll definitely find it useful even if you’re not into any sports.

  1. Enough carbs.

Don’t ditch your carbohydrates. You’ve probably heard from fad diets that carbs are bad but that isn’t the case for swimmers. When you are in active sports, you need it more than ever.

Swimming is among the most physically demanding sports as it requires all muscle groups in your body to work, and with that, you need to refuel correctly. As such, you have to fuel your body with the right amount of carbohydrates.

  1. Fat isn’t all too bad.

One thing that is unique about swimming is that you cannot predict the actual conditions of the venue during the event – and that could significantly affect your performance. Not all swimming pools are equipped with pool heaters like the ones reviewed here at Pool Home School. You have to have some fat to counter any unwarranted changes in temperature. That’s a necessity!

  1. Choose quality protein.

Swimmers require lots of protein to aid muscle repair especially after strenuous training. However, try to avoid consuming loads of protein as the unspent protein will be stored as fats. Go for protein sources that are considered high value. This means, it contains essential amino acids needed by the body to vastly improve muscle repair. These high quality proteins include milk, eggs, fish, soy beans and beef.

  1. Never skip breakfast.

This should apply to everyone, athlete or non-athlete. The very first meal is crucial as it ‘primes the pump’ or gets your metabolic system running. A full breakfast helps swimmers cope up with the sudden change in body temperature soon after they dive into the cold water. Training pools may have pool heaters like these units here but you can’t always guarantee that they’re working. So, it is best to always get the right first meal!

  1. High protein, high carbs after training.

Immediately after a high-endurance or high-intensity training, consume a high protein and high carb mix to refuel your body. As mentioned throughout, protein will help your muscles recover faster. It should prevent muscle soreness too.

  1. Plan your meals.

To achieve your goal of a balanced, sports-diet, you have to plan ahead. This would help you consume only the right amounts of nutrients and from the best sources. You have to instill discipline not just in your training but also in your nutrition. It helps to have a diet diary to help you track your nutrition.

  1. Hydration!

Finally, hydration! Swimmers spend hours in water but that doesn’t mean they don’t need to drink water. Well, unless they’re drinking pool water.

The importance of staying hydrated cannot be stressed enough. Many athletes stress over consuming the right amounts of calories but underestimate the value of a glass of water. If you’re not hydrating properly then you are doing it wrong!

How Much Calories You Burn Doing Housework?

How Much Calories You Burn Doing HouseworkOne of the most common problems of many people is the lack of time for physical exercise.

If you’re finding a hard time hitting the gym, there a many ways to burn calories that you can do without having to leave your home. Housework is actually a great way to burn fat, especially if you do them on a regular basis. As with any exercise regimen, the more effort you put in doing these chores, the more calories you burn and the greater the benefits. In particular, scrubbing the bath, vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, cleaning the windows, hardening or doing the laundry are very beneficial for improving flexibility, burning calories and toning muscles. Add to that, going up and down the stairs are great aerobic exercises.

Here let’s take a look at how much calories you burn by doing different household activities.

  • Laundry

Although you burn more calories when you manually do the laundry, you could still burn a good 78 calories in an hour carrying the laundry basket to the laundry area, loading and unloading the washing machine, hanging the clothes to dry and putting them away. The amount you burn is almost same with 100 sit-ups.


Regardless of the type of clothes iron you use, there are some nice steaming irons reviewed here, spending at least three hours every week on this housework can shed off 420 calories which is equivalent a Zumba class. You also get to strengthen your core muscles when you stand still for hours. Pressing down can help tone your arm muscles, just make sure to switch arms for an even toning.

  • Washing the dishes

Washing the dishes at least 15 minutes every night can burn an impressive 560 calories in a week. You can shed off the same amount when you swim 2,500 meters. Well, if you have a dishwasher, loading and unloading still burn a decent 105 calories every 30 minutes.

  • Scrubbing the bath

You may find the grime and soap scum annoying but removing them can burn up to 100 calories every 15 minutes, which is equivalent to thirty jumping squats. It could also tone up your shoulder and arm muscles.

  • Vacuuming

Spending half an hour vacuuming your carpets is equivalent to 15 minutes of kickboxing which burns over 90 calories. The larger your house, the more calories you burn.

  • Making beds

Even the simple task of changing and making the beds can shed off 65 calories. The same amount of calories you burn on an early morning walk.

  • Cleaning the floor

Mopping and sweeping can burn an amazing 145 calories, the same amount when you spend 15 minutes on the treadmill.

  • Dusting

Instead of doing two minutes of planking, you can substitute it with 15 minutes of dusting which also burns 15 calories.

  • Cleaning windows

Doing 40 push-ups is equivalent to cleaning the windows for an hour. Both of these physical activities can burn 334 calories.

  • Cutting the grass

Similarly, mowing your lawn with a push mower burns an impressive 325 calories per hour, the same amount of calories shed off in 20 minutes of HIIT.

  • Gardening

This household chore can burn a lot of calories depending on how vigorous and taxing the activity is. For instance, spending thirty minutes of pottering can shed off 213 calories, which is equal to 45 minutes of cycling. Other activities you do in the garden like digging, pruning or carrying garden stuff can add up to the total number of calories burned.

You see, there are many ways for you to burn calories that won’t require you to leave your home. By doing your housework more regularly, you’re actually hitting two birds with one stone: keeping your home spick-and-span while staying in the best of health (pardon me for the cliché).

Changing Health Concerns And Its Remedies

yoga is good for your healthFor many years man has been in the pursuit of finding a definitive way of keeping one fit and healthy. This was the ultimate search for the human race for a very long time now. And with every passing year man has come up with ideas that are innovative and pretty damn cool that will not only keep you healthy and fit but also make you and your house more beautiful. Health equipments and supplementary along with gym essentials are the current market movers. Really! If you go by the figure you will know it all by yourself. Check it out!

Health has always been the corner for human beings but with the passage of time the mode of concern has changed quite out of proportion. Earlier it was just the concern of health as in keeping our bodies out of the dangers of diseases and illness. But now, though the story is same yet the script has changed. Now with the continuous progress and advent of the race as a whole, new technologies and advancements are coming out within the reach of common people more and more but what is newer now are the after effects. With these newer inventions and discoveries the substantial balance of the nature and man is changing constantly and the imbalance is something really to be frowned about.

Population explosion or the unprecedented rise in the human population is not only harming the other species of animals but also is turning hazardous for the human race itself as with the ever rising graph of population of the human beings the pollution is also ever rising. This is the pollution of all the aspects we know of and can be feared about. Now, with this rise of pollution man is falling prey to its own very Frankenstein. Nowadays, fitness and health also includes keeping one’s self in shape and healthy after its intention over exposure to these kinds of pollution. And mind it when we say pollution, we mean pollution of the body and its components as well.

Gym or training institutes makes one undergo strenuous workouts which are not always helpful for all alike, because it has many aftereffects that are not always pleasant. Rigorous stress and unwanted mobilization of muscles can lead to other medicinal emergencies and turns anti health beneficiary at the end. Then what to do? Well there is always the option to keep the guns under lock and key, which one will find clicking here, and move on to a more peaceful option, the age old and harm free and definite result yielding practice of yoga.

Though it may be quaint, yet the practice of yoga is a better choice for keeping one’s body healthy and fit. The things that are included or come along in the same line with yoga, for example, meditation for one is a great choice for anyone to help increase the power inside. It initiates and enhances the potential energy within us and helps us grow more tolerant and patient which in its own turn help us to be more thoughtful and wise. So let’s be wise and keep calm and do YOGA!

Driving longboard to better health

Driving longboard to better healthAll doctors and health organizations recommended physical activity because it is good for health. If you do not have any health problems, you can literally choose any physical activity. Each has its own advantages. It will give you better health, better fitness and better appearance. It is the same with driving a logngboard.

Longboard may be an easy sport if you’re driving on a flat surface, or complicated exercise if you start driving over rough terrain, doing tricks or jump over obstacles. Here are some medical reasons that speak in favor of that you get one. Want to know where? Check out this site:

Driving longboard will give you a good cardio workout. It’s a great and fun way to strengthen your heart, improve blood circulation in your body and fill your lungs with air. When the terrain is more complex, the intensity of these exercises is greater.

Driving longboard burn calories. And here is also valid the rule that the heavier terrain require more effort for the body. Ordinary ride on a flat surface will burn 150 calories. If you make it more complicated, you can get a good body shape and spend up to 500 calories an hour.

It builds your muscles. Driving longboard particularly affects strengthening the muscles of the lower body because the legs are mainly used to run longboard, as well as for a variety of tricks. To perform the trick, you need a lot of turns, jumps, squats – a whole range of exercises for the lower part of the body.

It strengthens your core and balance. To ride the longboard, you need to have an excellent balance and great strength of the core. Only in this way you will be able to stay on board.

Driving longboard increases your concentration and improves coordination. It takes really good concentration to look at the obstacles on the road ahead of you and to react at the right time. Poor assessment means falling. All tricks and turns require excellent coordinating of arms and legs, as well as the visual coordination. You should, in adequate time, follow the movement of longboard and stand on it again. It is a useful exercise that improves brain function by keeping him awake and activating various parts of the brain responsible for the simultaneous movement of different body parts.

You will learn how to fall safely. Start driving and learning are always followed with falls. Driving longboard is not the same as wearing shoes. Therefore, it is necessary to learn gradually – start on a flat surface, with short destinations, and low speeds. Experience with the falls will teach you how to land correctly to avoid injuries. Protective equipment can protect you to some extent. However, if you place your hands or feet wrong, the equipment will not prevent injury. Over time, these skills are developed to the extent that you react like a cat when you fall.

Driving longboard involves a certain amount of risk. If you are not ready for it, there are simpler ways of recreation. However, before you make a decision, try this way. Besides being useful, it can also be fun. Do not say we did not tell you!

Improving Eye Health

Improving Eye HealthYour eyes are important. One might go so far as to say they are the most important sensory organs of your body, next to the skin. People are visual because we usually see things long before we hear, touch, taste, or smell them – we use our eyes to monitor the world around us and make snap judgments about various things and other people we see in it. If something looks dangerous, we tend to avoid it. Having healthy eyes can literally help save your life, so improving or maintaining eye health is something which is worth worrying about, at least a little bit.

Eye health and quality of vision tends to decrease over time, as we grow older and our bodies age. This is a totally natural occurrence and for some of us, this loss in function over time is unavoidable – it just happens. However, it goes without saying that there are plenty of older folks with eyes that still work well. The first step to improving the health of your eyes is taking measures to stop it from suffering in the first place. Whatever you’re doing, make sure you do it with adequate lighting as a backdrop. Forcing your eyes to struggle in darkness or staring at a bright screen in a dark room is very bad.

Lighting could come from a natural source, like the sun, or be from a synthetic source, like LED light bars. In the sense of just having an adequate amount of light, the two work more or less the same. However, if you do a lot of work indoors or just away from natural light in general, you’ll certainly notice it has a different effect on your eyes than the man-made stuff. Solar light is a type of radiation and this probably has a lot to do with it, but there are other factors to consider as well. Besides working with adequate lighting, you should try to use natural light over synthetic light whenever it is possible to do so.

That about covers preventive care for your eyes. As for actually improving the health of your eyes, there are a few methods which work well. You will probably want to start with a proper vitamin and mineral regimen to give your eyes all the vitamin A and other nutrients they need to function properly. Just like a lack of vitamin D can lead to bone density issues, or a lack of vitamin C can cause a compromised immune system, a lack of the crucial vitamin A will definitely have a negative effect on the health of your eyes. Feed them what they need, and they will do what you want them to do.

Besides eating right, you could exercise your eyes. They might not be muscles, but you can strengthen them just like a muscle with repeated, varied use. Try reading an eye chart from one distance, then another, then another, getting closer or farther away with each subsequent reading. Temporarily covering one eye will invariably lead to the other eye becoming stronger as well, if you notice one seems to be working better than the other.

Food handling safety measures for better health

Food handling safety measures for better healthFood handling is an issue that is not given due importance. With bacteria that trigger food borne illnesses residing everywhere in the kitchen, in your hands and in the air, following proper food handling measures is crucial for your health. Even safely processed food items can turn unsafe, if they are not handled the right way. Food safety can be ensured, if you follow the habits below:

Avoid bacteria prone temperatures

Hot foods should be kept hot and cold food in frozen state for avoiding the unsafe bacteria from multiplying.  At temperatures above 40 degree F and below 140 degrees F, food- borne harmful bacteria multiply quickly doubling in numbers in just 20 minutes.

Perishable foods like poultry, seafood products, and meat should be taken home right after buying and placed at 40 degrees or below in the refrigerator or at 0 degrees F or a lower temperature immediately. To ensure the right temperature use a freezer and refrigerator thermometer. It is easily available in department stores, grocery shops, and hardware stores.

In case of hot foods, the temperature should be at or above 140 degrees Fahrenheit. In buffets, to keep the food hot, use a heat source and on ice to maintain their cold temperature, so they don’t fall into the bacteria prone zone.

Washing hands

The importance of washing hands before and after you handle food cannot be belittled. Sometimes people are in a hurry to finish the cookinwashing hands is a good practice for a healthy lifeg, or are expecting guests, so go about the food handling process, with an ear to the door, not giving due attention to cleanliness. With wireless and top quality doorbells such as those at, you can hear the bell clearly avoiding anxious trips back and forth inside your home.

Hands should be washed for about 20 seconds both after and before you handle meat, seafood, poultry etc. When you don’t wash properly, you unwittingly spread the disease carrying bacterial all over the kitchen and your home.

Avoid cross contamination

When bacteria are transferred from on food item to another because of a shared surface, cross contamination occurs. For instance, juices from raw uncooked meat can contaminate cooked foods or foods, which are eaten raw.

Placing cooked meat in a plate, which had held raw meat leads to cross contamination. Even the cutting board should be washed thoroughly with soapy and hot water, before using it for cutting vegetables or greens. Poultry, fish, and raw meat should be placed on lower shelves of your refrigerator to avoid the juices from dripping on to other foods.

Use fridge for thawing food

Avoid using the kitchen counter for thawing or marinating seafood, poultry, or meat. Plan and thaw in your refrigerator itself. For small food items, overnight thaw is preferable. Large foods need longer time. For 5 pounds of food, allow a minimum of 24 hours for thawing.

If you need to thaw fast, place the food in a plastic pouch and immerse it in cold water. The water should be changed every half an hour or run cold water over the food placed in a pan. This will prevent bacterial from multiplying. If you use a microwave for thawing, cook it immediately, as the temperature reached when you microwave the food, encourages growth of bacteria.